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World Editions Welcomes Robin (Shimanto) Reza as Editorial Director!

World Editions is thrilled to welcome a new Editorial Director!

Robin (Shimanto) Reza did his internship with World Editions in 2018, and has been part of the editorial team ever since. In addition to his uncanny editing skills, Shimanto is bringing in his own experience as a translator. He translates between Dutch and English, his two mother tongues. Other languages he has picked up along the way are Spanish, French, Italian, and some Galician and Portuguese.

Shimanto says: “I’m grateful for Christine’s trust in my ability to lead the editorial process, and for everything I have learned from the World Editions team over the years. What I’m looking forward to most is building on the author and translator relationships we have developed. Christine is full of bold new ideas, too, which I am excited to flesh out with her!”

Shimanto is currently working on our upcoming publications Afterlight by Jaap Robben, translated from the Dutch by David Doherty, and Selamlik by Khaled Alesmael, translated from the Arabic by Leri Price. Expect galleys soon!