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World Editions author Rodaan Al-Galidi, will visit London in October to record a BBC interview.

Rodaan’s book, Two Blankets, Three Sheets, is published in January 2020. It’s a fictionalized account of the author’s time in a Dutch asylum centre. He arrives in the Netherlands as a refugee – he claims asylum at Schiphol Airport after seven years on the run from Saddam Hussain’s Iraq. But that’s not the end of his story – having received the two blankets, three sheets (plus a towel and a pillowcase) allotted to him, he then waits in an asylum centre. For nine years.

As he navigates his way around the absurdities of Dutch bureaucracy, Samir/Rodaan tries his best to get along with his 500 new housemates. Told with compassion and a unique sense of humour this is an inspiring tale of survival, a close-up view of the hidden world of refugees and human smugglers, and a sobering reflection of our times.

Listen to Rodaan’s interview on BBC radio 3 Freethinking on 8 October.