Rave reviews in the New York Times (and more …)

World Editions made its first steps in the US market only a couple of months ago, but we’re already attracting attention from renowned newspapers and magazines like the New York Times and Kirkus.

The New York Times published extensive pieces on Sisonke Msimang’s Always Another Country, Esther Gerritsen’s Craving, and Christine Otten’s The Last Poets.

  • Craving ends up offering some deep insights into the ways women process emotions. This funny, angry, feminist novel is droll and horrific and incredibly moving.”
  • Always Another Country is a graceful memoir, and a welcome novelty in Afropolitan writing.”
  • The Last Poets imagines the Last Poets as modern Romantics whose personal histories, performance style and Afro-diasporic musical roots provide access to a sublime black aesthetic. Jonathan Reeder’s translation from the Dutch is lucid.”


Kirkus wrote about Always Another Country and Craving, Saskia de Coster’s We & Me, Tom Lanoye’s Speechless, Héctor Abad’s The Farm, and Anne-Gine Goemans’s Gliding Flight.

  • Always Another Country explores the nature of belonging as it chronicles a perpetual outsider’s quest for the meaning of home.”
  • Craving is an off-kilter, at times blackly comic work of fiction in which the lives of others, in all their peculiarity, are given sympathetic scrutiny.”
  • Speechless is a playful, touching, and verbally extravagant memoir-novel of grief.”
  • The Farm is a graceful story that takes its time to unfold, with much roiling under the surface of the narrative.”
  • Gliding Flight is a sweet, sympathetic novel with a sense of humor.”

And more:

  • The Financial Times: “Always Another Country points unflinchingly to Msimang’s country’s open wounds. Her memoir is a unique perspective on South Africa’s recent history that fundamentally tells the struggle of a deeply torn woman to comprehend a deeply torn country.”
  • The Literary Review: “You Have Me to Love explores raw and unsettling psychological territory. It is a story that once read will stick with the reader for a long time.”
  • The Gazette: “Thirty Days has constructed an entire life in 30 days, and the result is nothing less than extraordinary.”