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Out this month! Adeline Dieudonne’s Real Life – a Lord of the Flies for the #MeToo generation.

This month sees the publication of Adeline Dieudonne’s Real Life. The book was a surprise publishing sensation in France in 2018, where it sold over 100,000 copies in its first month and has been nominated for many literary awards.

It’s the story of a weird family – a brutal father, a terrified mother, the young ten-year-old heroine and her little brother, living in a strange house full of hunting trophies. In the first summer an accident occurs, that will traumatize those two children, and the girl will have to fight to save her brother. As the novel progresses and the children grow up, she will meet the woman who lives in the woods, kind of a witch, a beautiful champion of martial arts, a kind of pervert prince charming, a crazy professor of physics – and creatures that hide in the dark, waiting to devour her.

Let down by virtually all the adults in her life, her strength of character is incredibly compelling. Real Life is the story of this young girl struggling to survive in a surrealistic and terrifying world.

Real Life launches with a blog tour this week – details above. Don’t miss out!