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Maryse Conde and Amin Maalouf to appear at the Online Edinburgh International Book festival this August

World Editions authors Maryse Conde and Amin Maalouf will be taking part in digital events as part of this year’s festival.

Tuesday 25 August (event link)

Maryse Conde and Richard Philcox

Giving Voice to Guadeloupe

Maryse Conde and her husband and translator Richard Philcox will be discussing Maryse’s novel, The Wondrous and Tragic Life of Ivan and Ivana in an event chaired by Anita Sethi.

For the Guardian review of Ivan and Ivana, click here  and for Anita’s interview in the Observer click here


Friday 28 August (event link)

Amin Maalouf and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Rediscovering Our Moral Compass

Amin will be discussing his new book, Adrift, published in Frank Wynne’s English translation in September.

For an interview with Amin in Times Now please click here