Linda Boström Knausgård Tours the US for WELCOME TO AMERICA

Linda Boström Knausgård completed a four-city US book tour during October to promote the publication of her English-language debut in the US. Welcome to America  was published by World Editions in the US on September 3, 2019. Boström Knausgård was invited to attend the Twin Cities Books Festival in Minneapolis/St. Paul, where she spoke with with Sheila O’Connor (Evidence of V) about family secrets and autofiction; Litquake in San Francisco, where she was in discussion with Chia-Chia Lin (The Unpassing) and Sophia Shalmiyev (Mother Winter) about family trauma and literary catharsis as part of the Words Around the World series; and the Boston Book Festival, where she was in conversation with Lynne Griffin, Helen Phillips (The Need), and Kate Walbert (She Was Like That) about fiction and motherhood. Boström Knausgård also held events at two New York City bookstores: at McNally Jackson (Prince Street) in Manhattan with Jessie Chaffee and at Community Bookstore in Brooklyn with Adam Dalva. Take a look below at some of the highlights!