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Join our blog tour for Carol Shields’ The Republic of Love, starting on 29 March!

World Editions are reissuing Carol Shields’ novels in stunning new covers and a foreword by Margaret Atwood.

The Republic Of Love won the Pulitzer Prize, and is a celebration of love in its many guises. The Guardian wrote,

The Republic of Love is a hymn to the pleasures and pains, the raptures even of an unspectacular life. Fay discovers that happiness is “a kind of by-product of existence, and not an end in itself”. This piece of knowledge saves her, Shields suggests, from the watery, ambiguous yearning of the mermaid, “plaintive, coy”, wordlessly calling out to no one. A simple message, but Shields delivers it with so much grace and so little pretension, that it is impossible not to be enchanted by her voice. She sings with the charm of a true siren. In her hands, we believe, anything can happen.”

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