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Critical acclaim for Amin Maalouf’s forthcoming book, Adrift, translated by Frank Wynne

September sees the publication of Amin Maalouf’s new book, Adrift: How The World Lost Its Way – a breathtaking analysis of the global crisis, told from a Middle-Eastern perspective.

The book has already had advance praise from Philippe Sands, Elif Shafak, Hisham Matar and Bernard Haykel:

‘Magnificent, a book of sorrows for our times, a provocative and powerful elegy by one of the world’s great writers.’ Philippe Sands

 “Sharp intellect, tender heart. Maalouf is not only a brilliant storyteller and a wise thinker, he is one of our last remaining bridge builders between cultures, nations, tribes.” Elif Shafak

 ‘Across an impressive body of work, Mr Maalouf has mapped out the points of rupture and convergence between Europe and the Arab World. In Adrift, using his own intellectual and political autobiography, he traces several of the turning points that have helped shape both his personal life and our world today. The lucid elegance of his analysis of complex and often chaotic events, is the paradox of this book and is among the many gifts of its gentle, learned and inquisitive author.’ Hisham Matar

‘With Adrift, Amin Maalouf again displays his supreme mastery in presenting the complexities of identity, history, and politics. A great observer of the human condition, and himself a product of multiple cultures, Maalouf offers a penetrating and personal account of the troubled state of our planet and its peoples. No book is more evocative at capturing the richness of our cultures but also their fragility and the dangers that menace us all today.’ Bernard Haykel, Professor of Near Eastern Studies & Director, The Institute for Transregional Studies, Princeton University.