Christine Otten and Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets take part in Afropean symposium in Amsterdam on 22 June

Christine Otten, author of The Last Poets, the wonderful biopic of the group of the same name, will take to the stage along with group member Umar Bin Hassan here in Amsterdam as part of the Holland Festival on the 22 June.

Do come along if you’re in town! More details below and here – it’s a full-day event and the programme is entirely in English, and all for €15!

From the website:
Afropean is a multidisciplinary online magazine about the social, cultural and aesthetic aspects of the blending of black and European culture. Together with Holland Festival, Afropean has organized a symposium with presentations, a film screening, readings, and panel discussions. The symposium examines how knowledge is transferred between generations in the black diaspora. Guests are academics, writers, musicians, and visual artists who will enter into conversation together in the heart of Amsterdam. Featuring a unique musical collaboration with special guest Umar Bin Hassan from the legendary group The Last Poets.