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Boekenweek 2020

Announcing Boekenweek 2020!


World Editions brings Boekenweek back to the US, Canada, and the UK for the Second Year


We are excited to announce the second annual International Boekenweek celebration!

In the Netherlands, Boekenweek (Book Week) is an annual celebration of literature, happening every Spring since 1935. Events are held across the country during Boekenweek, and include book signings, readings, and panel discussions. Every year, a well-known Dutch author is asked to write a novella specifically for Boekenweek, which is given out for free in bookstores to each customer who purchases a book. These novellas then act as tickets for a free train ride anywhere in the country. In 2016, World Editions author Esther Gerritsen (RoxyCraving) wrote the Boekenweek gift of which 600,000 copies were handed out.

Last year, we ran our first, very successful Boekenweek campaign complete with Blog Tour and three Flemish authors touring across the US.

This year, the 85th Annual Boekenweek will take place from March 7th to March 15th. This year’s theme is REBELS & DISSENTERS, and our very own Esther Gerritsen’s Roxy has been highlighted by the festival for its titular character’s particular ties to that theme.

Here in the UK, and with our counterparts in the US and other independent presses in the US, World Editions will be celebrating the work some of the most important contemporary and classic writers from the Netherlands recently released or forthcoming in English translation. Wat leuk!

Please visit bit.ly/Boekenweek2020 for more information