Kader Abdolah

Kader Abdolah (Iran) is also the author of three other Dutch novels released in English translation: The House of the Mosque, My Father’s Notebook, and The King. Having arrived in the Netherlands in 1988 as a political refugee, his efforts to learn the language paid off. He started writing in Dutch and was the recipient in 1995 of an incentive grant for promising new authors. He went on to write many award-winning novels. The Messenger and The Qur’an (2008), originally published in Dutch as a two-book set, have been received in the Netherlands with high regard. Additionally, the author has been honoured with many distinctions including the Mundial Award for his achievements in the area of international cooperation, peace, and security, and the Order of Orange-Nassau to recognize his contributions to society and the world of literature. Abdolah’s writing talent has not gone unnoticed: his work has already been translated into thirty languages.

Photograph © Merlijn Doomernik